My Mentoring

My role is to support entrepreneurs, re-formulating their strategies and taking their project to be successful on the market

Successful Stories

Over the years I founded several startup, have been listed on the Nasdaq, I have done a lot of exit and it is right now transfer my experience to bring success to new stories alongside new brilliant minds

Fund raising

The first obstacle of any disruptive project is to find the money to be able to develop and launch on the market. My main role is to recover the funds necessary with operations in equity or debt.

Boost your Startup

My key to success is in the approach to work and business organization of Startup. My business is to improve the business model, optimize the KPIs, develop new strategies and develop a winning business plan presented to investors

About Me

Massimo Ciaglia

Startup Coach & Mentor

I love working with start-ups and it shows in my work. My value-add comes from my past experience and track record and that’s what makes me versatile start-up business generalists. I’ve worked with a lot of innovative fledgling companies on a broad range of projects. I’ve seen recurring patterns of success and failure, and, as a result, I’ve become adept at “start-up pattern recognition.” Think of me as your start-up executive for hire. Most importantly, I speak the language of start-up, especially regarding finance and business development. I have supported many clients in numerous pitch meetings and investor presentations. Whether it’s helping entrepreneurs develop the articulation of their value proposition or securing the funding they deserve from angel groups or private investors.


Five Step for a succesfull Startup

Contact Me

Want to give a boost to your company? Contact me for a free initial screening of your business project

I will Analyze your Startup

Analyze the business model, the market approach strategies, the marketing plan and improve its results and performance are the first activities ranging performed alongside founder

Build a new strategy

It should also improve the approach to the market strategy, applied and measured to quickly understand the benefits

Setup the Investor's Deck

Identified the new market approach strategy, revenue channels and the marketing plan, should be structured a new package for investors and a new business plan presented to investors for fund raising activities

Start fund raising

The fund-raising activities will be directed towards Angels, Ventures Capitals, funds, investment banks, private equity, and on domestic and European calls related to subsidized loans

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Successful Stories

We had several ways to follow before taking the one with Max, but as soon as we met him, all doubts have disappeared.

Today we work together on SkillPower, and every day that passes we are increasingly convinced that we have chosen the most prepared person, dynamic, engaging professional, that will allow us to scale up our Startup.

Pietro De Gregorio – Founder of SkillPower

I met Massimo few months ago and I would say almost by chance, since the first moment I realized it was the right person to follow my Start Up. His long experience, his professionalism but also the wide availability have definitely made a difference. A very special person who thanks to his know-how has succeeded in developing the most of my Start Up, to correct mistakes, to create an ideal model to have the most impact on the market and last but not least accompanied me in the search of funds indispensable for the success of the project. A formidable coach that I wish everyone to have on your side in the creation and structuring of any project, both on the marketing plan and financially. A role model to whom I extend my most sincere thanks for the work done and for all they knew how to teach.

Luca Morasutti – Founder of The Original Mama’s Cafè

Working closely with Massimo was very constructive. It helped in fundraising activities with enthusiasm, skill and experience. An essential figure for a startup that wants to grow in a structured way.

Giulio Monaco – Ablio CEO

Knowing Massimo was crucial for our development and for our growth. He directed to the correct business model and has developed us a perfect business plan for our investors, guiding us first in New York and then in Italy and leading us in no time to turn a first round.

Fabrizio Doremi – Foodies Trip CEO

Formidable. No other word to describe Massimo. A careful manager and prepared. Eclectic and versatile, it has a unique insight and a capacity of analysis. It ‘a pleasure to work with him, and I wish everyone to succeed over a lifetime to learn even just for a coffee Massimo, because I am sure that it is enough to learn from him all that he has to teach and share. He is and it will remain one of my biggest inspirations and motivational models.

Gian Luca Comandini – You & Web CEO

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